Wednesday, November 17, 2010

parachutes.. at night!

since my last attempt looked like a blue plastic bag stuck in a tree I reinforced the parachute shape by painting acrylic medium and glue on the inside of the fabric and letting them dry on balloons. I also decided to hang the parachutes from a thin thread instead of trying to throw them into trees in case they returned to their state of looking like plastic bags. I think the end result turned out a lot better than the first run. I put two in Bay View, one on KK and one on Howell by the Sky high skate shop. One by the 15 Bus stop on Brady St by the Walgreens, one by the Cream City Collective across from the Riverwest Co-op, and one on Van Buren near the intersection of Juneau. I have more that I can reinforce and continue to put up around the city.

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