Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hot*Pop Mural - Finished Piece!

Pasting up the final pieces before the paint!

Finished piece!!!!
(It's in a tight spot so getting a full photo was a little difficult.)

Views from in the store.

View from outside.

High Resolution photos along with detail shots will be coming soon!

This piece is located in the entry way of Hot Pop boutique & gallery -
213 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI. 53202

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot*Pop Mural- In Progress

I'll be going in tomorrow morning to finish it up but here are some in progress shots!

The prints...

end of day one

End of day two

(I promise I'll have higher res pictures for the finish product.)

-Cara Corder

Friday, January 7, 2011

I Guess Art Can Still Offend

I thought I would post this since we talked about Blu in class.

First the David Wojnarowicz removal from the Smithsonian and now...
Street artist Blu (we've cross-linked to some of his graffiti animations in the past) was finishing up a mural on the side of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Geffen Contemporary satellite in Los Angeles, commissioned by MOCA's new director Jeffrey Deitch, when Deitch then ordered it whitewashed due to concerns of offending Japanese American veterans and/or a nearby VA office. The mural depicted coffins covered in dollar bills, similar to the famous image of coffins returning from Vietnam covered in flags, and was made in conjunction with a new exhibit about street art. Deitch was appointed director of MOCA this year. He has run the Deitch Projects in New York, and is the biggest holder of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, and also reps Chris Johanson, Clare Rojas, Barry McGee and Swoon (amongst others).

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Peak Pandemonium

Peak Pandemonium
This is a project I'm working on to raise awareness about the coal mining industry's method of mountain top removal.  It's an interactive piece in which the audience will remove the top of the circus-themed mountain I've constructed and inside they will find free prints.  On the back there is a written description of the form of mining and the irreversible effects it's had on the family's and land of the Appalachian Mountain Range.   On the front of the paper, there is an image of a business man playing with toy mountains, blowing of the tops for pure enjoyment.

This piece will be installed at Alpine Valley Ski Resort for a few weeks outside of the main chalet.  After that it will travel from place to place around Milwaukee.  Keep an eye out for the Peak Pandemonium.

Janson's Final

Okay... So this doesn't look like a whole lot, but for me, the project represents most of my trouble with public installation.

My project aims to address legality in a non-aggressive way. This is a grocery cart that was found on Fratney and Clark, at least five or six blocks from it's real home, and in a sense, this cart is graffiti and this cart is littering. There will be a time in the near future that somebody will need to address the issue of the cart, and instead of living at the Co-op, it will find it's way home. Although I didn't move this cart, I altered it. I didn't spray paint the cart because that involves labor intensive cleaning or disposal. I also didn't permanently alter the cart by bending it's parts, or breaking the wheels, but instead decorated the cart with natural and biodegradable materials. The yarn holding the pieces in place is easily cut, and the cart is conveniently placed by trash cans and recycling bins. The works aren't very confrontational, and in a way could be cute. When the cart is moved, my pieces might swing, and they might even make noise. They could be cute or they could be annoying. I think it's important to understand the context of these pieces.

This project is an introduction to a hypothetical larger project in which I address legality in subtle ways. It's important to me to confront this issue because finding permissioned spaces has become such a hindrance to the momentum of my projects. Although it could be, It's a step that doesn't need to be taken in the process of art making.

I'm having some trouble describing this idea, so I might add to this post tomorrow...

Old Man Stands Awkwardly.

On the side of Northstar Music on 69th and North.

I kind of ran into a slight snag when it came to displaying this, so I eventually asked the owner of this music store I go to if he would let me put this up on the side of his building. He agreed to let me do it, but just temporarily, so it was only up there for part of saturday, but here are a couple images of what it looked like.


Front. Back.

So, I went to the Wauwatosa Library and talked to a couple of the staff members there. They were more than happy to take a small stack of the bookmarks I had made and put them out for people to take. Unfortunately I didn't get to see where they put them so I don't have a picture of that. I also ran into some problems when it came to putting them in books and taking pictures, they let me put them in and take pictures, but I could not leave them there so I only have a couple pictures to show from it.